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Comfort and Diamond EVA Mats


Our own branded EVA Comfort Mats and Diamond Mats have become popular in stables throughout the UK by offering unrivalled comfort and value.


Our Comfort and Diamond EVA mats are made from exactly the same material and the only difference is the top design of the mats. The Comfort Mat offers increased grip, while our Diamond EVA Mat offers an easy sweep option


Which EVA stable mat will suit me?


The thinner 24mm Comfort Mat and 26mm Diamond EVA Mats offerincredible value in the market and are suitable for those on a budget and those who use more bedding on top of their mats. We recommend these matsare suitable for horse up to 15hh.


The medium thickness 34mm Comfort Mat or 36mm Diamond EVA Matswill provideeven more comfort and insulation for your horse and will gives a longer life expectancy than the thinner mats. We recommend that these mats are suitable for horses from 15hh to 16hh. 


The super thick 44mm Comfort Mat provides maximum comfort and luxury for those will larger horses or just because you really love your horse! 

The thickness measurement for each mat is taken from the bottom of the disk on the underside to the top of the bubble on top side. Thicknesses may vary by up to 5% either way.


Features of our Comfort and Diamond EVA Stable Mats include:

• A bubble top design for extra grip (Comfort Mats) or an easy sweep diamond design (Diamond EVA Mats).
• A raised circular or square bottom design to allow drainage in all directions.
• Improved hygiene and the ability to reduce the time it takes to muck out.
• Save money on bedding. Most customer use 25% of a normal bed to absorb the wet.
• Protect your horse against the risk of injury or capped hocks.
• Reduce the amount dust in your stable to lower the possibility of respiratory disorders.
• Easy to lift, clean and replace when needed due to light weight material.
• The non absorbent material means the mats will not be affected by urine or other liquids.

Our Comfort and Diamond EVA Mats are very easy to fit.

All of our mats come in 6’ x 4’ sizes apart from our Comfort Interlocking Mats that come in 2’ x 2’ sections.
As a guide you will need the following number of 6’ x 4’mats for the most popular sizes:

• 5 mats for a 12ft x 10ft (3.64m x 3.05m)
• 6 mats for a 12ft x 12ft (3.64m x 3.64m)
• 7 mats for a 14ft x 12ft (4.27m x 3.64m)
• 8 mats for a 16ft x 12ft (4.88m x 3.64m)

For other sizes and specific quotes, please contact us.
For installation instructions and how to look after your EVA Stable Mats –click here 
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