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Portable Horse Washer

Cools. Washes. Massages

The Nomad Cordless is the perfect companion for events and riders away from home – and in fact around the yard as well.


Benefits for your horse:

It's perfect for competition horses in hard and strenuous work: ..

eventing, endurance, dressage, hunting, point to point, hunter trials, polo, show jumping. Or just hacking in hot weather!


  • Cooling and wash excess sweat and mud
  • Cleaning under belly and difficult-to-reach places
  • Fine spraying the head and neck areas
  • Cleaning and checking tendons ligaments and muscles
  • Ideal for giving the tendon areas in the lower legs an instant pre-longed cooling period (can add ice).

Benefits to users:

  • Safety and convenience, all in one compact washer.
  • No more buckets and hosepipes. Yes, it's a water tank, pump and power supply all in one.
  • One tank holds about as much water as a bucket 
  • Fully adjustable spray – from a fine cooling mist to a more powerful jet
  • No queues to join – no hanging around
  • No more slopping water down your legs
  • Frugal with water - saves on water and that cuts down on queuing time at taps, and having to carry large volumes of water with you.
  • Quiet – so it won't frighten your horse 
  • Compact – takes up very little room.
  • Around half and hour of constant cleaning per battery charge. That's four tankfulls – 56 litres (around 12 gallons)

And with the cordless version you get these extra benefits:

  • No wires to that could get in the way – safe to use around horses
  • Easy to charge and remove batteries
  • Quick release removable tank for easy and quick refilling 

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What you say

Here's a snapshot of some of the feedback from our customers.



"The Nomad portable washer is a fantastic way for washing and cooling my horses off".

Jeanette Brakewell


"The Nomad has been the answer to all my prayers.

I don't have onsite water at my yard so bathing my horse Tally for shows has been a real task until now! In the past when I bathed Tally by hand I would use at least 5 water containers, but now I only use 1 as the Nomad does not waste water like bathing by hand does. It is so easy to use too. You just charge it up over night, fill it with water and away you go - it's simple

The Nomad has changed my life by making it hassle free and it allows me to turn my horse out to a very high standard. I do not go anywhere without my Nomad - It's my new best friend!"

Erain Doran and Tally


"A product that thoroughly cleans along with being safe and compact. Not too overpowering for the horse." 

John Gilliver, BVSc MRCVS Gillivervet Ltd.

"This is just what I have been looking for. I absolutely love it. It's easy to take to shows and quick to set up and clean those last minute areas just before going in the show ring. 
At home, it's also easy to use and great for bathing or washing manes and tails on a regular basis. The horses are quite happy and relaxed whilst it is being used – I would certainly recommend it." 

Sally Wrigglesworth, owner of Plumbum