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Pro Fillers

Standard Fixed Designs


JumpsOnLine provides a wide variety of filler designs and sizes. Customers can select a variety of our standard ot pro range designs. To see our standard range of fillers please click here.


Our Pro Fillers come as both standing of hanging variations. Both come as basic ladder fillers with the option to attach a wide range of designs and graphics panels. The frames come in a standard 65cm height with the attachments raising the filler by up to 20cm depending upon the design.


The attachments are screwed to the frames and can easily be removed or changed to give variety and to suit the weather conditions.

Standing Pro Filler Examples

Basic Ladder Filler - choice of colours St George's Flag Design
Lady Bird Design Candy Button Design

Standing Pro Filler Examples

Basic Ladder Filler Sunflower Filler
Tomato Design Union Jack Button Design