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Rubber Matting


We supply a comprehensive range of stable mats, grass mats and trailer ramp mats and tack room mats, something to meet all your requirements. It you are unsure what you need please visit our horse matting buyers guide page. Or please contact us, we are very happy to talk with you about the different options available.


EVA Stable Mats

These lightweight stable mats are ideal for your stable, providing durability, top quality comfort for your horse and are kind on your wallet. They can be moved by one person on their own, allowing for easy cleaning, maintenance and fitting. They are made up of a composite of rubber and foam providing superior insulation and are available in a range of thicknesses and have different features which will suit most stable matting needs. More details


Solid Rubber Mats

These are the more traditional style of rubber matting for stables, they are heavy duty and ideal for laying on a wide variety of flooring, from earth to concrete and cobblestones. Being solid rubber they are heavier than the EVA stable mats and EVA top mats and need more than one person to move around. But once laid they stay put and drain well. These come with two different styles of topping, Bubble Top Stable Mats have superior grip and the EasySweep Stable Mats allow for easy sweeping.


Rubber Top EVA Stable Mats

This style of horse mats are a good compromise between the two described above. They have a topping of hard rubber, giving the solid durability, but are lighter than the solid rubber mats so are easier to use. They are also provide a good cushioning comfort for your horse. More details


Bonded and Sealed Rubber Stable Mats

All the mats described above will occasional need cleaning to avoid the smell of urine building up underneath them. Whilst they are designed to drain well they will occasionally benefit from cleaning underneath to avoid odorous smells. If you wish to avoid this cleaning, the bonded and sealed mats are the ideal choice for you as they do not allow any liquid to penetrate beneath them. More details


EVA Wall Mats

Ideal for preventing injuries these soft wall mats are easy to install and come in a different thicknesses. These mats are very versatile, they can also be used for lorries, trailers and kennels. More details


Rubber Grass Mats

These field mats, once laid will reduce the problem of muddy grassed areas. They allow the grass to regrow and look natural. They are also useful for wash down areas. More details can be found here. We also provide grass mesh which is used for reinforcement of grass embankments.

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