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Bonded and Sealed Rubber Mats


Bonded and sealed rubber mats


Although Horse Matting is very popular with horse owners, one of the few downsides has been the problem of urine getting underneath the mats resulting in an odorous smell unless cleaned regularly. Solid rubber stable mats are heavy to lift and it can be a nasty job to remove them to clean underneath.


EquinePlus provides a solution to this problem by using specially designed adhesive and sealing resin to bond the mats permanently to the floor and to seal the joints and edges to ensure no liquid can penetrate underneath.


Bonding and Sealing can only be done with solid rubber matting and the most common used is our 18mm bubble top or easysweep mats.


EquinePlus also provides the option of a 40mm door protection ramp/edge which prevents tripping.


Professional Installation by our fitting team

We offer a full installation service throughout the UK. although prices may vary depending upon location. Our prices shown on the website are the average installed prices and include delivery, installation and VAT. If you buy this service, we will contact you with confirmation of the price. If you would like a more detailed quote then please do contact us and we will be happy to provide this. If we can combine fitting with one of our other jobs in your area, then our quote will often be reduced.

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