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EVA Wall Mats


Our EVA Stable wall mats are light, easy to install and provide a soft wall protection to help reduce impact injuries.


We offer two thicknesses of stable wall mat:


  • Our standard 10mm stable wall mats have been used for many years to add a basic layer of protection.
  • Our premium 20mm stable wall mats give added protection and an even longer life expectancy.

Customers mainly use our wall mats for horse stables, but they are also successfully used for horse lorries, horse trailers, dog kennel floors and as play mats!


Our stable walls mats will fit well to all level wall surfaces including block work, concrete panels, stock boarding or plywood.


EquinePlus can also supply fixing for the relevant wall type. We recommend that a minimum of 9 fixings are used for each 6’ x 4’ mat. Please contact us for more information and prices or visit our sister site Horse Mats Plus for 10mm and 20mm stable wall mats and more.


Features and benefits of our stable wall mats:

  • Improve hygiene
  • Easy to fit
  • Provide Good Impact resistance
  • Give Excellent sound and heat insulation
  • Help protect horses against injuryfrom hard or sharp walls
  • Reduction of dust in stable reducing respiratory disorders
  • Not affected by urine or cleaning agents
  • Non toxic and non porous
  • Strong, lightweight and made from environmentally ethical materials


Our 20mm wall mats are packaged in threes and our 10mm wall mats in packs of 5.


Please see our individual and multi mat special offers below:

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